Our Creation


The First


After filling out the form of the site, we will contact you by e-mail for before anything we understand who you are and most importantly, who is your company. We seek to know which branch of the company operates, time of operation, how many people involved, and some important information that will be of paramount importance in the preparation of the proposal.

Now that we know each other, we will put together a proposal that will come detailed throughout the project: Items to be developed, delivery details, deadlines, investment etc.

This is where we start the development of the project. A form (Briefing) will be sent where you will give me a lot of information about you and your company, so that I understand your tastes, as well as the needs and ambitions of your company. An alignment meeting will be held where we will discuss key points in the briefing.

After the briefing meeting, a marathon of research will begin here. We will research the niche, the market, competitors, visual references, trends, and many other things so that we have a north to create and so we will create a moodboard, which is basically a panel of references that we will guide in the creation. We'll have one last meeting before development so we can approve this moodboard and all the remaining details before we actually start creating.



It's up to us now! We have everything we need to create the project. We will gather the references, the needs of the briefing and start scribble in search of the perfect project for your brand.

And a little more about our studio, this part is the most process-free (some people say chaotic). There are cases that we stay days on paper without even touching on design software, and only then we begin to cut on the computer, as well as there are cases soon after the briefing arises a devastating idea and ready to be tested and applied.

Here we will test the colors, study fonts, create elements, everything that can add to the brand. Until your brand will be ready, with an identity, language, tone of voice and ready to be presented.

With everything ready, we will put together a presentation and show in a last meeting, that we will explain everything so that you can see all the details of the brand, its attributes, motives and motivations, and all the strategies used to achieve the goals of the brand. Once presented, you will have time to approve, if necessary point your questions and placements, if necessary, we will combine changes, etc.

Once all approved, we will finalize the delivery of these materials at a later date and thus the development of your brand will be completed.

Presentation and

Final Send